how is our wieght different on moon with respect to earth?how do we derive that?

Asked by SHERIL SINGH | 4th Sep, 2010, 08:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Moon's gravity is much lesser than that of Earth's, and hence our weight is much lesser on moon.
Weight = m x g                    ( m = mass of body; g = acceleration due to gravity)
where g = Gm/r^2                ( G = Gravitational constant, m = mass of planet, radius of planet)
Now Moon/Earth mass ratio = 0.0123, 
      Moon/Earth radius ratio = 0.2725
Comparing [g(moon) / g(earth)]  = 0.0123 / (0.2725^2) = 0.166
Therefore gravity on moon, and hence weight is 0.166 times that on Earth.

Answered by  | 4th Sep, 2010, 11:06: PM

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