how far should a man go from the centre of the earth such that his wieght is 1/4th that on the earth?radius of the earth=6400km.

Asked by SHERIL SINGH | 15th Sep, 2010, 01:51: PM

Expert Answer:

The weight of the man = mg.
Value of g = GM/(R*R), where G is gravitational constant
M is mass of earth and R is radius of the earth.
Hence, to be weight equal to 1/4
g' = g/4
This means
GM/(R'*R') = (1/4)GM/(R*R)
This means
Hence the R' = 2* 6400
=    12800 km
Hence the man should go at a distance of 12800 km from the earth in order to reduce his weight to 1/4.

Answered by  | 15th Sep, 2010, 02:51: PM

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