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Fertilisation is the fusion of the male gamete present in the pollen with the female gamete or the egg present in the ovule.

1.The pollen grains germinate after falling on the stigma of the same plant species.

2.The pollen tube grows out of the pollen grain.

3.The generative nucleus divides into two nuclei.

4.The pollen tube grows through the stigma and style and reaches the ovary.

5.It pushes through the micropyle and reaches the embryo sac.

6.The tube nucleus eventually disintegrates.

7.The pollen tube enters one of the synergids and releases two sperm nuclei.

8.One sperm nucleus enters the egg cell and fuses with its nucleus.

9.The other sperm nucleus moves towards the two polar nuclei and fuses with them.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 3rd Aug, 2015, 09:36: AM

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