How does  a seed germinates? 

Asked by Lanzmik | 28th Jul, 2019, 05:38: PM

Expert Answer:

The process in which the embryo emerges out of the seed by rupturing the seed coat, leading to the formation of a seedling is called germination.

Conditions necessary for germination: Water, temperature, oxygen and light.

Process of germination: A seed imbibes water through its surface, mainly through the micropyle.The seed contains reserve food material.When water enters the seed, it activates the enzymes present in the seed. These enzymes mobilise the reserve food and break it into simpler forms. This food is utilised by the embryo, and the embryo begins to grow.Water causes the seed coat to swell and rupture. The growing embryo then emerges out through the ruptured seed coat.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 29th Jul, 2019, 10:38: AM