How do we know which probe is used? HOw is probe produced?


Asked by snehajo2002 | 11th Jul, 2021, 10:22: PM

Expert Answer:

A probe is a single-stranded sequence of DNA or RNA used to search for its complementary sequence in a sample genome. The probe is placed into contact with the sample under conditions that allow the probe sequence to hybridize with its complementary sequence. The probe is labeled with a radioactive or chemical tag that allows its binding to be visualized. In a similar way, labeled antibodies are used to probe a sample for the presence of a specific protein.
A cDNA probe can be generated from a specific mRNA. The mRNA, encoding a specific protein, is a template. By the action of reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase, a cDNA is formed that can be used as a probe to hybridize with a specific gene sequence. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 12th Jul, 2021, 12:11: PM