How can I self study any chapter with clear conceptual understanding the particular chapter that is not taught in school and without the help of online videos??

Asked by 21janhvi.verma | 30th Sep, 2018, 07:42: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, why not! You can study on your own with help of books and some study techniques.
1) At first, read and learn the concept from your textbook 
2) For better understanding, you can read reference books or other publication textbooks.
3) Try to teach yourself as a teacher, this helps you to understand the gist of the concept.
4) If possible try to understand some concepts through simple experiments.
Like, the concept of pH. First, understand the concept, then try to find out the pH of different substances at your home. 
Also, for reactivity series, you can remember it by preparing some mnemonics.
In case of any doubts you can post your queries in 'Doubts and solutions' section of, we are happy to help you.

Answered by Ramandeep | 1st Oct, 2018, 03:56: PM