how can i determine the hybridization of ANY complex compound with examples

Asked by advait2163 | 11th Jan, 2012, 01:53: PM

Expert Answer:

The valence bond theoryhelps to find out hybridization of central metal ion in any compound or complex. The following points are to be considered,

            1. The central metal ion makes available a number of empty s,p and d atomic orbitals equal to its C.N. These vacant orbitals hybridise together to form hybrid orbitals which are the same in number as the atomic orbitals hybridizing together. These hybrid orbitals are vacant, equivalent in energy and have a definite geometry.

            2. The non-bonding metal electrons occupies the inner orbitals and they do not take part in the hybridization. The d-orbitals involved in the hybridization may be either inner (n-1) d-orbitals or outer nd orbitals.

            3. Vacant hybrid orbitals of the metal atom or central ion overlap with the filled d-orbitals of the ligands to form a covalent d-bond.

An example is discussed as follows: 


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