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(3) distance S from starting point of an object moving with constant positive acceleration a
S = (1/2)at
If a = 2 unite, then S = t2 .................. (1)
Numbers in set-C matching this eqn.(1)
(4) Speed of an object acted upon by a constant force opposite in direction to its velocity.
    v = u - (f/m)×t .................(2)
where v is speed at instant of time t , u is initial speed, f is force and m is mass so that f/m gives acceleration.
Numbers in set-D matching the equation, with u = 12 unit,  f/m = 2 unit
(5) kinetic energy of block moving downwards in a inclined plane and moving under the influence of gravity.
If the block is released from top of inclined plane, its speed v at time t is given by, 
v = g sinθ×t
hence kinetic energy (1/2)mv2 = (1/2)m×( g2 sin2θ)×t2   or kinetic energy = K×t2  ........................(3)
where K  is constant. 
Numbers in set-C are matching to the second degree equation (3) , with K =1

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