Hi write the correct option for each

Asked by jain.pradeep | 27th Apr, 2019, 10:41: AM

Expert Answer:

qn.8 :-  Graph-A represents the acceleration of block as a function of t.   Acceleration ( g sinθ ) is constant throughout the motion
qn.9 :- Graph-E represent the displacement from starting point.   Displacement S is given by, S = u t - (1/2) g sinθ t2 ,
                   it is a quadratic function similar to equation of projectile motion.
qn.10 :- Graph-C represents the speed of block. speed v is given by,  v = ( u sinθ - g sinθ t ) , a linear function of t,
                    initially decreasing linearly and then increasing linearly while coming down

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 27th Apr, 2019, 04:17: PM

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