Explain the motion of a planet around the sun in a circular path. (2 marks)

Asked by chumki.banerjee001 | 2nd Mar, 2019, 01:49: PM

Expert Answer:

The sun binds the planet to move along the orbit around it by its gravitational force. And this attractive force provides the necessary centripetal force which keeps the planet moving along the orbit. 
Though, the speed is constant the direction of motion is not constant. 
Thus, this uniform circular motion is thus said to be accelerated motion as the direction of motion keeps on changing continuously. 
Also, the centripetal force with the help of which planet moves around the sun is perpendicular to the direction of motion and hence the work done by the planet in moving along the circular path around the sun is zero. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 2nd Mar, 2019, 02:08: PM