Distinguish between symbiotic nutrition and saprophytic nutrition 


Asked by Jainvuhan14 | 28th Jun, 2019, 08:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Differences between symbiotic and saprophytic nutrition:
Symbiotic nutrition Saprophytic nutrition
  • Symbiotic plants are plants which possess inter-relations with other plants and stay in a close association.
  • Saprophytic plants are the plants that depend on dead organic matter for their nutrition.
  • Symbionts obtain nutrition from the host.
  • Dead organic matter or decaying organic matter is the source of nutrition of saprophytes.
  • Rafflesia plant is an example of symbiotic plant.
  • Indian pipe family are examples of saprophytic plants.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 29th Jun, 2019, 01:33: PM