Differentiate between the following:

1. Rabi Crops and Kharif Crops

2. Manure and Fertiliser

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Expert Answer:


1. Rabi Crops and Kharif Crops

Rabi Crops

Kharif Crops

1. They are grown in monsoon (June) and cultivated in autumn.

1. They are grow in November and are harvested in April.

2. Examples: rice, maize, tobacco, potato, onion, soya bean, millets (jowar and bajra), sugar cane, cotton, ground nut, pulses

2. Example: wheat, mustard, peas, barley, gram

2. Manure and Fertiliser



1. Natural substances obtained from decomposition of plant and animals remains by bacteria.

1. Fertilisers are inorganic substances.

2. It provides humus to the soil

2. It does not provide humus to the soil.

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