difference between animal and plant cell

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Expert Answer:

Differences between Plant Cell and Animal Cell:

Plant Cell

Animal Cell

  • Large, with a distinct outline.
  • Usually small, with a less distinct outline.
  • Cell wall is present. The cell membrane is surrounded by the cell wall.
  • Cell wall is absent.
  • Plastids are present.
  • Plastids are absent.
  • A large vacuole is present in the centre.
  • Vacuoles are absent; however, if present, they are small.
  • Centrosome is absent.
  • Centrosome is present.
  • Cytoplasm is not so dense.
  • Cytoplasm is denser and more granular and almost fills the entire cell.
  • Golgi apparatus has smaller units called dictyosomes.
  • Golgi apparatus is highly complex and prominent.

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