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Test For

Test Method


Propanol and methyl proponate

For Propanol- Lucas test - shake a few drops with cold zinc chloride in conc. HCl(aq).

(ii) Mix it with a little phosphorus(V) chloride and test as above.

Litmus turns red and a white precipitate with silver nitrate(aq) (drop on end of glass rod), if the mixture is poured into water you may detect a 'pleasant' ester odour, can test for HCl but water and amines produce it too and (ii) test will not give ester smell!









Butanoic Acid and Methoxy Butane

Butanoic Acid:Add a little dilute hydrochloric/sulfuric acid to a suspected salt of an aliphatic carboxylic acid.


The solid or solution should have no strong odour, but after adding the mineral acid you should get a pungent odour of the original acid and this will be given by only Butanoic acid.

proponal and proponone

Test for Propanal:(i) warm a few drops of the compound with Tollens' reagent [ammoniacal silver nitrate]

(ii) simmer with Fehling's or Benedicts solution [a blue complex of Cu2+(aq)]

(b) Only the  propnal  produces (i) A silver mirror on the side of the test tube.

(ii) A brown or brick red  ppt.


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