Construct a trapezium LMNO, in which LM =7cm, MN=4.5cm, NO=4cm,ÐM = 60° and LM||NO. Write the steps of construction.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 4th Jan, 2014, 10:32: AM

Expert Answer:

Here, we are given the measure of 3 sides and 1 included angle. We need the measure of  also to construct the required trapezium.

It is known that LM||ON, so =180°


=180° - 60°=120°

Steps of construction:

a)Draw LM = 7 cm.

b)At M, draw an angle XML = 60°.

c)Cut an arc of radius 4.5cm from point M to intersect MX at point N.

d)At N draw an angle YNM = 120°.

e)Draw an arc of radius 4 cm from N to intersect NY at point O.

f)Join OL.

LMNO is the required trapezium.

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