Carbon allotropy

Asked by Annette | 23rd Nov, 2009, 07:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes allotropes can be saturated and unsaturated form. Allotropy is the property due to which an element can exist in more than one form which differs in physical properties but have similar chemical properties. In each allotrope, the element's atoms are bonded together in a different manner. Thus there is a possibility of various types of bonding in different allotropes. For example each carbon in diamond is tetrahedrally surrounded by four carbon atoms through single covalent bonds. In graphite carbon atoms are bonded together in flat layers by strong covalent bonds in regular hexagon. Each C atom is bonded to 3 other C atoms, forming one double bond and 2 single bonds

Answered by  | 24th Nov, 2009, 09:37: AM

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