can you help me to answer 5question.

Asked by swatipuspapatel | 11th Oct, 2020, 10:52: AM

Expert Answer:

Question: The breadth of a room is twice its height and is half of its length. The volume of room is 512 dm2. Its dimensions are:
Let b be the breadth of the room
Height will be b/2 and length will be 2b.
Volume of room = Volume of a cuboid
We know that, Volume of a cuboid = l x b x h
Volume of room = 2b x b x b/2
512 dm2 = b3
b = 8 dm
Therefore, l = 16 dm and height = 4 dm.
Hence, the dimensions of the room are 16 dm, 8 dm, 4 dm.

Answered by Renu Varma | 12th Oct, 2020, 09:35: AM