can u please explain me the various kinds of tissue and the differences between them as i am confusg

Asked by nehabhat2008 | 27th Jul, 2008, 04:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Plant tissues may be meristematic or permanent. Apical, lateral and intercalary meristems are the types of meristems. Permanent tissues may be simple (parenchyma, collenchyma, sclerenchyma) or complex (xylem and phloem).

Meristematic tissues divide continuously and are present only in certain specific regions. The cells of meristematic tissues are compactly arranged without any intercellular spaces. As these cells grow and mature, they slowly change in characteristics and become differentiated as components of other tissues. Apical meristems are present in growing tips of roots and stems whereas intercalary meristem is present at the base of leaves or internodes. Lateral meristem increases the girth of stem or root.

Mersitematic tissue has been explained here. Post questions on each of the remaining tissue types separately. We cannot answer such long and multiple questions.

Answered by  | 28th Jul, 2008, 10:25: AM

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