Are there any non living organisms that show more than one characteristic of living organisms? If yes, can you give some examples?

Asked by ieshaahmed | 30th Oct, 2015, 10:39: PM

Expert Answer:

Some non-living objects show the characteristics of living organisms. 
  • A fire or a flame displays several characteristics of living organisms. It uses fuel to grow or increase in intensity. It akes in oxygen and expels carbon dioxide and other gases. It excretes ash, soot, etc. It shows sensitivity to changes in air pressure, ambient temperature, and humidity. It can easily replicate in a very short amount of time. Although, fire exhibits these characteristics of living things, it cannot be regarded as living because it does not possess all the characteristics of living organisms. It cannot perfom the above processes on its own. It needs an external energy source.
  • Similarly, a car moves but not on its own accord. It needs external force for its movement.
  • A sugar crystal or a snowball may grow larger in size due to the accumulation of particles of its own unit on the outer surface of the original body. It grows in size but not on its own.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 2nd Nov, 2015, 09:25: AM