Any  change in physical environment bring about a change in biological environment interacting with each other in biosphere explain with a suitable answer

Asked by Suman | 24th May, 2017, 08:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Biosphere refers to a narrow zone of earth wherein land, water, air and living beings connect with each other. The biological environment in the biosphere consists of living beings who interact with physical environment consisting of non-living things, to support life. Biological environment and physical environment are interrelated and both are equally necessary for the survival of living beings on the Earth. Hence, it can be said that any change in the physical environment will bring about a change in the biological environment of the biosphere.
Example - If soil erosion (physical environment) takes place, it makes the land infertile. This infertility leads to no vegetation or very less vegetation. As a result, the organisms (biological environment) living in that region get affected.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 25th May, 2017, 06:39: PM

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