Answer these praticals

1. Study of the comparative cleaning capacity of a sample of soap in soft and hard water.

2. Determination of the focal length of : 

1. Concave mirror and convex mirror

3. Tracing the path of the rays of light through a glass prism.

4. Studying a) binary fission in ameoba and b) budding in yeast with the help of prepared slides

Asked by aahlad06 | 11th Jan, 2018, 12:07: AM

Expert Answer:

Focal length can be found if the radius of curvature of the mirror is known.
Focal length is half of the radius of curvature.
Also, if you can incident light on the mirror and can produce a sharp image on the screen then the distance between screen and the pole of mirror would be focal length 
it is same for both type of mirrors.
It is taken negative for convex mirror and positive for concave one.
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Answered by Science Mate | 12th Jan, 2018, 02:17: PM

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