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NEET Class neet Answered

all about human population
Asked by shreyagupta310106 | 19 Nov, 2023, 14:56: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
The group of humans present in a particular region together is called the population of that region.
The size of the human population depends on the availability of the resources in a particular area. It is limited with the supply of the food, the effect of diseases, and other environmental factors. Due to this mortality and the life span extended.
There are mainly four factors which affect the population of the particular area:
  1. Birth rate: It refers to the number of individuals born in that particular area. Increase in birth rate can increase the population.
  2. Death rate: it refers to the number of individuals died, decrease in death cause loss of population.
  3. Immigration: It refers to the number of individuals coming in and it can cause an increase in the population of that area.
  4. Emigration: The number of individuals exit or move from one area to another. It can cause a decrease in the population of that area.
The growth rate of the population can be decreased by the limiting factors. It includes the lower birth rates, increased death rates, or lead to emigration. There are many factors which affect the population such as economic development, education, quality of the children, social and cultural factors, and availability of family planning.
The growth of population is low in developed countries as compared to developing countries. There is negative correlation between economic development and population growth.
Population can be controlled making couple’s aware about its effects and tell them to use contraceptives.
Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 20 Nov, 2023, 10:20: AM
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