ABC is an isosceles triangle with AC = BC . If AB2 = 2AC2 . Prove that abc is a right angle triangle

Asked by  | 30th Oct, 2009, 04:41: PM

Expert Answer:

Given: AC = BC

           ABC is an isoceles triangle

          AB2 = 2 AC2

To prove: ABC is a right triangle

Proof: For ABC to be a right triangle, it should satify pythagoras theorem

i.e AB2 = AC2 + BC2

Now, AC = BC   (given)

On substitution, we find

AB2 = 2 AC2, which is true according to the question.

So, the given sides form pythorian triplets.

Hence ABC to be a right triangle right angled at C.

Answered by  | 3rd Nov, 2009, 04:33: PM

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