A wooden block is sliding down an inclined plane.The velocity changes at a constant rate from 10 cm/s to 15 cm/s in two seconds.What is its acceleration?Also find the acceleration if the wooden block instead of sliding downwards,starts moving up

Asked by Tushar Verma | 24th Mar, 2014, 07:51: PM

Expert Answer:

Acceleration of a body is the rate of change of velocity hence
here initial velocity u =10 cm/s and final velocity v= 15 cm/s and time t =2 sec
therefore a =(15-10)/2
a =2.5 cm/s²
   =0.025 m/s²
For the wooden block to move up a force has to be applied
if m is the mass of the block and f is the force applied, then by newtons law acceleration a=f/m

Answered by  | 26th Mar, 2014, 11:51: AM

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