A manufacturer of  foam-filled beach balls packs each one into a cubic box of side 40 cm into which it will just fit.
Calculate the volume of (i) box (i) ball (iii) śpace wasted, which is the space inside the box, not
occupied by the ball.
The manufacturer later decides to use boxes of the same size to pack 8 smaller beach balls of
diameter 20 cm each. Will there be more or less
wasted space? Take    straight pi space equals 3.142 

Asked by Pankaj | 30th Sep, 2018, 10:24: PM

Expert Answer:

Volume of box = 403=64000 cm3
let the radius of ball be r
now r =half of side(cube)=20 cm
volume of ball=4/3×pi×r3=33493.33cm3
Space wasted = 30506.667cm3(difference)
new sphere
r =10 cm
volume of ball=4/3×pi×r3=4186.667 cm3
volume of 8 balls =33493.33 cm3
Space wasted = 30506.667 cm3

Answered by Arun | 5th Oct, 2018, 10:47: AM