A man walks at 6km/h and runs at 8km/h. he covers 6km in 50 min partly by running and partly by walking.

(i) for how long did he walk?

(ii) What distance did he covers walking?

Asked by bishtbharat869 | 16th Aug, 2019, 10:17: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style According space to space the space question comma space space we space get
straight x over 6 space plus space fraction numerator 6 space minus space space straight x over denominator 8 end fraction space equals space 50 over 60
rightwards double arrow fraction numerator 4 straight x space plus space 18 space minus space 3 straight x over denominator 24 end fraction space equals space 5 over 6
rightwards double arrow space 6 straight x space plus space 108 space equals space 120
rightwards double arrow space straight x space equals space 2
Therefore comma space the space distance space he space covers space in space walking space equals space 2 km.

Time space left parenthesis in space walking right parenthesis space equals space fraction numerator 2 space cross times 1 over denominator 6 end fraction space equals space 1 third space equals space 20 space mins.

end style

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 19th Aug, 2019, 12:33: PM