A hydraulic auto mobile lift is designed to lift cars with maximum mass of 3000kg.the area of piston carrying the load is 425 cm square. what maximum pressure would have to bear.

Asked by RAJDEEP NASKAR | 6th Oct, 2013, 06:38: PM

Expert Answer:

The maximum mass of a car that can be lifted, m = 3000 kg

Area of cross-section of the load-carrying piston, A = 425 cm2 = 425 × 10–4 m2

The maximum force exerted by the load, F = mg

= 3000 × 9.8

= 29400 N

The maximum pressure exerted on the load-carrying piston,

= 6.917 × 105 Pa

Pressure is transmitted equally in all directions in a liquid.

Therefore, the maximum pressure that the smaller piston would have to bear is 6.917 × 105 Pa.

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 7th Oct, 2013, 09:28: AM

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