A Grey coloured metal'Z'(Atomic weight=65)is used in making dry cell.It reacts with dil. HCL to liberate gas.What is the gas evolved?Calculate the minimum amount of'Z'required to produce100 litres of gas?

Asked by  | 20th Aug, 2011, 12:38: PM

Expert Answer:

The metal is Zinc.
It liberates hydrogen gas on reaction with HCl. The reaction is as follows:
Zn+ 2HCl ----> ZnCl2   + H2
So, the evolved gas is hydrogen.
From the reaction, 1 mole Zn will produce 1 mole Hydrogen

produced hydrogen is give 100 litres.
 volume  =  moles x 24,000 cm3
(1000 cm3 = 1litres)
100 litres hydrogen = moles x 24,000/1000  litres
moles =100/ 24 =  4.16
So, 4.16 moles of hydrogen is being evolved. This will require 4.16 mole of Zn to react.

Answered by  | 23rd Aug, 2011, 04:36: PM

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