a farmer moves along the boundary of a square field of side 10m in 40s. what will b the magnitude of displacement of the farmer at the end of 2mmin 20sec....

Asked by Surabhi Sarna | 12th Jul, 2013, 08:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Because the path is a square, you need two coordinates (x, y) to specify position. Besides the start poit must be specified.

If we place the rectangle over the 4th quadrant, and the farmer starts walking from the corner at point (0, 0) and moving clockwise then he will move 140 m in 140 s (2 min 20 sec)(because he moves 40 m in 40 s, speed: 1 m/s)

At the end he will move around the square 3 times and a half, it means he is in the opposite corner where he started.
The displacement is the diagonal of the square, that you can calculate by Pithagoras' theorem:
D = sqrt(10² + 10²) = 14.14 m

Answered by  | 13th Jul, 2013, 11:11: AM

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