A body falls 16m in the first second of its motion,48m in the next second,80m in the 3rd second and so on.How long will it take to fall 4096m?

Asked by  | 1st Dec, 2012, 08:39: PM

Expert Answer:

the series for distance it fall is
16,48,80............... which is AP
let it takes N seconds to fall 4096m
therfor sum of series for N terms=4096
or (N/2)(2*16+(N-1)*32)=4096
or, 16(N^2)=4096
or, (N^2)=4096/16=256
or N=16
THerfor time required to fall 4096=16 seconds

Answered by  | 2nd Dec, 2012, 11:02: AM

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