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JEE Class main Answered

81) The density of water is 1em / m * L The volume of water drop is 1.5 ml. The no of molecules present in one water drop are
Asked by radheshyambaheti085 | 09 Aug, 2023, 07:10: AM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
Dear Student,
From density, it can be said that 1 g of water has volume of 1 ml. 
Thus, 1.5 ml of water has mass of 1.5 g. 
1 mole of water weighs 18 g. 
Thus, 1.5 g of water corresponds to 0.0833 mole. 
1 mole of water contains 6.023×1023  molecules. 
Hence, 0.0833 mole of water will contain 5.019×1022  molecules.
Answered by | 09 Aug, 2023, 09:54: AM
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