2g of ferrous sulphate crystals are heated in a dry boiling tube. (i) List any two observations. (ii) Name the type of chemical reaction taking place. (iii) ‘Write the chemical equation for the reaction.

Asked by pachchigarkeyur | 8th Mar, 2022, 12:05: PM

Expert Answer:

(i) Two observations are :
    (a) On heating its colour changes from pale green to brown or reddish brown hence there is change in state and colour.
    (b) Evolution of gas.
(ii) Decomposition reaction.
(iii) The chemical equation: 2FeSO4(s) +Heat → Fe2O3(s) + SO2(g) + SO3(g)

Answered by Ramandeep | 9th Mar, 2022, 01:54: PM