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ICSE Annual Course for Class 10

TopperLearning introduces a one-stop study solution for all the students- ICSE Annual Course for Class 10. Students can now access premium quality study resources by enrolling in this course and preparing successfully for their upcoming board exams.

Students often feel stuck during self-study sessions after school hours when they do not have teachers around to guide them, and a lot of time is wasted on referring to multiple reference books. However, not anymore.

You can now get exclusive access to high-quality study material, textbook solutions for all your class 10 subjects, and extended expert guidance.

The pack’s validity is until March 2024, ensuring the students have unrestricted access to the best quality learning materials throughout the academic year.

Features of Annual Course for Class 10

Students can use the following features after enrolling for the course and take maximum benefit from it to achieve the best results and ace the board exams.

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Syllabus Aligned to CISCE Curriculum

Students can access the syllabus curated by subject experts and aligned with the CISCE curriculum. The syllabus is updated regularly on the website so that students can be assured that all chapters included in the course are a part of the syllabus and that all the official guidelines of the education board have been followed.

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Subjects Offered: Maths, Science, History & Civics and Geography

Maths, Science, and Social Science (History & Civics and Geography) are core subjects and challenging. Students often need help with complex concepts and advanced study problems. TopperLearning's comprehensive study material curated by subject experts provides study and revision notes, essential topics, and textbook solutions. Also, you will find extra practice exercises and questions for complete exam preparation.

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14500+ Chapter-wise Questions

After completing the self-study, you can attempt chapter-wise practice questions, including multiple-choice, True or False, Fill-in-the-blanks, short answer, and essential questions. Solving these extra practice problems will help mentally register the concepts, ensuring long-term retention until the exam.

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4500+ Questions in Practice Tests

It is always suggested to take practice tests before the examination. Thus, students can complete their studies and attempt a wide range of practice test questions, which help to polish the knowledge acquired and also aid in getting a good grip on various concepts of the subject. The more you solve these practice test questions, the more you can better yourself at the studies with every test and will be exam-ready in no time.

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1000+ Video Lessons for Maths, Science (PCB), History and Civics, Geography and Hindi Vyakaran

Video lessons help break down complex concepts into simple and easy-to-understand concepts with the help of detailed explanations. These videos are designed by experienced subject experts who are familiar with the learning abilities of students of class 10. Thus, you will find a varied range of premium-quality video lessons that provide practical illustrations and solutions for subjects, including Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), History and Civics, Geography, and Hindi Vyakaran.

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270+ Chapter-wise Revision Notes

After studying every chapter, students can also access chapter-wise revision notes that help them brush up on concepts. These notes are well-structured and arranged systematically for easy tracing by the students. Revisions help to retain the concepts for a longer time.

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180+ Sample papers with Solutions

After completing the self-study and revision, it is vital to put yourself to the test to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, students can access sample test papers designed by experts covering all difficulty levels, from simple to complex. Post-completion of the tests, students can cross-check their answers with the solutions provided and improve their overall performance.

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105+ Past Year Papers with Solutions

Solving previous year's papers is the best exam preparation practice and must be followed religiously. Solving last year's question papers helps students get familiar with paper patterns, division of marks, topic weightage, and essential questions that are likely to be asked in the exam. Thus, students can access previous years' papers with solutions online and strengthen their exam preparation.

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Most Important Questions

TopperLearning's annual course provides an exhaustive list of topics and questions likely to be asked in the exam. Students can refer to this list and prepare their notes accordingly. Marking important questions helps in quick revision before the exam. Students should take advantage of these crucial questions.

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Textbook Solutions for Frank and Selina

Students can now save a lot of time by avoiding referring to multiple sources for textbook solutions. Be it a problematic maths theorem or a tough scientific diagram, every question and concept covered in your textbook is covered in this course's Frank and Selina textbook solutions. Thus, students can independently make notes and study the same for the exam.

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Ask A Doubt (Ask 5 Questions per Day)

The annual course also provides a unique forum for regular doubt-solving of the students whereby they can post five queries every day across all subjects and directly approach the subject experts. The answers will be provided by the experts promptly and with accuracy. Also, students will get exclusive access to the doubts raised by fellow peers and a chance to view the solutions provided.

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FREE Subjects Offered: English Grammar, Comprehension and Composition and Hindi Vyakran

Students can also access a free add-on feature like complimentary subjects, including English Grammar, Comprehension and Composition, and Hindi Vyakran. Thus, it helps students get all the study solutions in one place, making learning easy and fun. The study resources provided for linguistic subjects are complete solutions that can be relied on as they are curated by concerned faculty members who are well-experienced.

Why Choose the Annul Course for Class 10?

Students often require additional study help after school hours, especially when preparing for one of the most important exams in their academic journey. The board exam preparation requires extreme focus; thus, students need access to the best learning resources to rely on them and focus completely on their studies. TopperLearning provides apt study resources for board exam preparation so that students are prepared for the exams well in advance and appear for the exams confidently to achieve the best results.

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