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ICSE Class 9 Physics Assertion and Reasoning Questions (ARQ’s)

Assertion and Reasoning questions have been part of competitive exams. ICSE has recently changed the pattern of ICSE board exam question papers and has included ARQs. In this type of question, students are provided with two statements: one is “Assertion,” and the other is “Reason”.

While Assertion represents a fact or belief. The reason statement may or may not be an explanation of the assertion. Students aiming to secure high in ICSE Class 9 Physics must ensure a thorough practice of these questions.

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Here’s how toppers have benefitted from our ARQs:

  •        Crafted by subject experts, these questions cover the nuances of important Physics concepts in accordance with the ICSE pattern.
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  •        Solving ARQs helps students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and other important skills.
  •        Every test is followed by a quick review of the student's performance and detailed explanations of the correct answers.
  •        Most importantly, students get to put across their queries on the Ask a Doubt Platform and get them solved by subject matter experts.

Physics Chapters for Assertion and Reasoning Questions

ICSE Class 9 Physics Frequently Asked Questions

Solving assertion and reasoning questions for ICSE Class 9 Physics sharpens critical thinking ability and logical reasoning. These skills benefit students not just in solving ARQs but also in other sections of the question paper.

Rushing towards the options to solve ARQs isn’t the best approach. It is best to read the question slowly and carefully, understand the assertion statement, figure out if the reason is true or false, and then read the options to pick the correct one.

ICSE Class 9 Physics ARQs cover important topics from every chapter, including:

  •        Measurement and Experimentation
  •        Motion in One Dimension
  •        Laws of Motion
  •        Heat and Energy
  •        Current Electricity
  •        Magnetism
  •        Reflection of Light
  •        Pressure in Fluids
  •        Propagation of sound waves, etc.









No, rote memorisation is not helpful for ARQs. While learning the formulas might help recall concepts, ARQs rely largely on a thorough understanding of every Physics topic.

Begin by reading the chapter from the Physics book. Utilise comprehensive video lessons to understand the concepts better and visualise their practical application. Indulge in repeated revisions and then take the Assertion and Reasoning questions practice test. This approach helps you embrace confidence and inculcates the necessary skills for acing ARQs in the Class 9 Physics Exam.

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