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ICSE Class 9 Assertion and Reasoning Questions

As per the revised format, each and every exam of ICSE class 9 will be holding assertion and reasoning questions. Hence, it is crucial that you regularly practice ICSE 9 AR questions. Moreover, the process of practicing these questions familiarizes you with insightful nuances of various subjects, be it Maths or Science.

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ICSE Class 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Assertion and reasoning questions are presented in the form of objective-type questions that are a part of ICSE class 9th examinations. The ICSE 9 AR questions are presented in two statements and 4 options. The two statements include one reasoning and one assertion statement, where the first statement appears as the assertion.

The assertion and reasoning questions for ICSE class 9 examinations have two statements in total, with the first one called assertion and the second one called reasoning. The student must select the right answer from the 4 options given. The students must understand if the 2 mentioned statements are true or false and whether the assertion is supported by the reason or not.

To answer the ICSE class 9 assertion and reasoning questions correctly, students should first read the questions twice or thrice to understand their meaning. Once clear with the question, they must analyze if the assertion statement is true or false and whether the reason given is correct or incorrect. According to their thinking and analyzing abilities, they must choose the correct option to score marks for the question.

To improve your skills in solving assertion and reasoning questions, follow the key points mentioned below:

  •        Constant practice
  •        Mock tests
  •        Sample papers
  •        Enhance time management skills
  •        Work on your analytical skills

Yes, the Assertion and Reasoning format can be present in ICSE Class 9 for any subject’s exam. Hence, you must be fully prepared to face these challenging questions in order to answer them correctly.

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