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Write in detail about how will the rate of breathing effect on a person working on a treadmill in a gumnasium and also write about the organ system involved in it

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Thu May 03, 2012

When you exercise, your body uses a lot of oxygen. This is one of the reasons that you breathe so heavily during exercise. When you exercise, much of the body's blood rushes to the muscles to help fuel the physical activity. This surging of blood often results in a need for more oxygen in the blood than is present, and thus the body's breathing rate increases. Only increased breathing can meet the demands of increased activity. When we exercise, our cells are working harder, and they need more oxygen. They also produce more carbon dioxide. That's why you breathe faster when you exercise.

During vigorous exercise, our muscle tissue respires anaerobically, when the body cannot take enough oxygen to the cells for respiration. This means not enough energy is made, and the muscles need more. Thus in the absence of oxygen pyruvate is converted into lactic acid to produce energy. This results in build-up of large amounts of lactic acid in the muscles and causes cramps. Even after we finish exercising, we cont

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