Wed March 09, 2011 By: Jitendra Jasnani

Write a note on heredity and variation in- 1)Asexual reproduction 2)Sexual reproduction.

Expert Reply
Wed March 09, 2011
Dear Student,
Asexual reproduction-
1. It occurs only in invertebrates and lower chordates.
2. It is always uniparental.
3. No fertilization occurs.
4. It involves only mitosis.
5. Daughter organisms are genetically identical to the parent.
6. Since there is no variation, so it does not contribute to evolution of the species.
Sexual reproduction-
1. It occurs almost in all types of animals.
2. It is usually biparental.
3. Fertilization takes place.
4. It involves both meiosis and mitosis.
5. Daughter organisms genetically differ from the parents.
6. Since there are variations, so it contributes to evolution of the species.
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