Sun March 15, 2015 By: R K Jha

Why did the British imperial officials make little effort to spread cricket in colonial territories? Give any five reasons.

Expert Reply
Soumil Shukla
Mon March 16, 2015
Following are five plausible reasons why British imperial officials made little or no effort in spreading cricket in certain colonies:
  • Cricket was considered to be an essentially British sport, a so called 'gentlemen's game'.
  • Majority of the subjects in colonies like India and the West Indies (unlike New Zealand and Australia) were non-whites. The British considered them to be of a low racial and cultural standing.
  • In the colonies, playing cricket had come to be seen as a symbol of superior social and racial status.
  • Organised cricket club culture was considered by the British as their exclusive priviledge.
  • Cricket clubs in West Indies were dominated white planation owners and their servants, whreas in India they were dominated by British colonial officials.
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