Thu April 10, 2014 By: Yash Sahu

Which of the followinf statements are correct ?

(I) in the long form of periodic table, the number of period indicates the value of principal quantum number.

(II)there are four d-block series comprising of total 40 elements in the long form of periodic table.

(III)s-block,d-block and f-block elements are metals

(A) (I) and(II)only

(B) (I)only

(C) (II) and(III) only 

(D)(I),(II) and (III)

Expert Reply
Mon April 14, 2014
Option (B)---(I) only is correct.
Statement (II) is incorrect because d block elements are less than 40, while statement (III) is incorrect because s-block elemnts consists of hydrogen which is a non- metal.
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