Tue October 09, 2012 By: Tanushekha Agnihottri

what is the difference between phase change and phase difference ? And what is wave front? please explain via video or diagram

Expert Reply
Fri October 12, 2012
ALl these terms refer to the wave nature.
Take an eg of waves formed when we drop a stone in a pond of water.
We can see the waves being formed.
The outer most wave is just a disturbance travelling outside. It represents the wavefront of the wave at the outer most point. A wavefront bascially shows the diturbance at a particular instant.
That disturbace undergoes a change in its amplitude and that change can be represented say Sinosudially i.e as: E = A sin(?t + ?)
here the ? repesnts the Phase angle i.e by how much the amplitude varies
and if we compare the value of ? at a same time between two wavefronts it gives us the  phase difference between the two.
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