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wat is lattice point and lattice??

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Tue August 16, 2011

The Bravais lattices

The Bravais lattice are the distinct lattice types which when repeated can fill the whole space. The lattice can therefore be generated by three unit vectors, a1, a2 and a3 and a set of integers k, l and m so that each lattice point, identified by a vector r, can be obtained from:

r = k a1 + l a2 + m a3



Lattice: A regular, periodic array of points with a spacing commensurate with the unit cell dimensions. The environment around each point in a lattice is identical. You can generate a lattice by looking at wallpaper and identifying the "repeating part" (the cell) in the wallpaper pattern.

Lattice point :-

The crystal structure of a material or the arrangement of atoms within a given type of crystal structure can be described in terms of its unit cell. The unit cell is a small box containing one or more atoms, a spatial arrangement of atoms. These atoms are known as Lattice Point.
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