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two ball each of mass 25 kg moving in opposite direction with the speed of 18 km/h collide and rebound with same velocity what is the impulse imparted to each ball due to other?

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Fri September 20, 2013
Mass of each ball = 25 kg
Initial velocity of first ball =18km/h= 5m/s
Initial velocity of second ball =-18km/h =-5m/s
 initial momentum of first ball, pi = 25 x 5 =125kgm/s
Initial momentum of second ball, pi = 25 x -5 =-125 kgm/s
after collision, the balls rebound without changing magnitude of their speeds
So, Final momentum of first ball, pf = -125kgm/s
final momentum of second ball, pf = 125kgm/s
Impulse imparted to first ball = Change in its momentum 
                                            = pf -pi = -125 -125 =-250kgm/s
Impulse imparted to second ball = Change in its momentum 
                                                      = pf -pi = 125 - (-125) =250 kg m/s
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