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Fri February 13, 2009

The tent has a total height of 13.5 m out of which 3 m is the cylindrical height.

So height of the conical part is 10.5 m.

So  to find the  cost of cloth required, we need to find the curved surface area  of  the tent and multiply it with the rate for per sq m.

The required C.S.A.

=C.S .A of the cone + C.S.A.  of the cylinde.

To find the C.S. A. of the cone we need the slant height

Let r= radius of the base of the cone as well as the cylinder( they have same radii)=14 m

Find this are and multiply it by 80 to find the total cost.


Let the radii of the circular parts be




slant height =l=10


total surface area (excluding the upper end)


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