Wed December 07, 2011 By: Melvin Roy

The energy transformations take place in the following process: 1) a stone falling from a height 2) the falling of water stored in a dam. 3) electric bulb 4) burning of coal 5) steam engine 6) wrist watch 7)in thermal power plant 8) torch 9) explosion of fire cracker 10) atom bomb

Expert Reply
Wed December 07, 2011
1. when stone is falling from a height, its potential energy gradually changes to kinetic energy. at the lowest point, totaal pe converts to kinetic energy. as it touches the ground, it changes to sound and heat energy.
2. kinetic energy to PE
3. electric energy to light energy
4. chemical energy to heat energy
5. heat energy to mechanical energy
6. PE of spring to KE
7. heat energy to electric energy
8.electric to light
9.chemical to heat and light
10. nuclear energy to heat and sound energy
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