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Construct a triangle ABC , in which base BC=3cm , <B=30 degree and AB+AC=5.2cm

Sir , I have my exam tomorrow . So plz help me with

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Fri February 01, 2013
1) Steps of Construction :
1. Draw the base BC = 3 cm and at the point B make an
angle, say XBC equal to 300.
2. Cut a line segment BD equal to AB + AC from
the ray BX.
3. Join DC and make an angle DCY equal to ?BDC.
4. Let CY intersect BX at A
Then, ABC is the required triangle. 
2) A trapezoid (or trapezium) CAN have no congruent sides, since it's only requirement is that two sides be parallel. However, you can have an isosceles trapezoid with the two non-parallel sides congruent.

Otherwise, there is no special name for a quadrilateral that has no congruent sides.

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