Wed October 24, 2012 By: Tanmay Singhal


Expert Reply
Fri November 09, 2012
a% of veg oil is impure.
% of veg oil that is pure = 100-a
b% of pure veg oil is good cholestrol
100-b % of pure veg oil is NOT cholestrol.
Let d% of impure veg oil is bad cholestrol.
hence, 100-d % of impure veg oil is not cholestrol.
c% of vegetable oil is cholestrol.
So, total volume of cholestrl = c/100
This is also equal to good chol. in pure oil + bad chol in impure oil.
c/100 = (100-a)b/100x100 + da/100x100
So, 100c= 100b-ab+ad
ad= 100c-100b + ab
d= 100(c-b)/a + b 
Hence this is the percentage of impure oil that is bad cholestrol.
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