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 Movement of legs is controlled by the central nervous system of the body. It is coordinated by the nervous and muscular system. Information passes between the nervous and muscular system through electrical and chemical means. Leg movements are under the voluntary control of the organism.


Movement in sensitive plant is usually a response to a stimulus. It is a nastic movement. In nastic movement, the plant cells change shape by changing the amount of water in them, resulting in swelling or shrinking, and in changing shapes. For eg.- The folding up of the leaves of a sensitive plant on touching is due to the sudden loss of water from the pulvini.

Plants also use electrical-chemical means to convey the information from cell to cell, but unlike in animals, there is no specialised tissue in plants for the conduction of information. Also in plants, there is no specialised proteins, as found in animal muscles, for changing the shape of the cells.


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