Fri February 18, 2011 By: Om Prakash Arya

PLease answer the Questions in "My Confusions".Because it is the main reason of asking this Question.It should be noted that I have posted only one Question at a time.

Expert Reply
Fri February 18, 2011
Dear student
Power = work done / time taken
[(i) '72 times in a minute' refers to the frequency of the heart beat; and 'a minute' gives you the time here.]
[(ii) yes, you shall have to convert time into seconds]
here, time = 1minute = 60 seconds
and power = 1.2 kW
Now, work done in 72 beats= power x time = 1.2 x 60 = 72 Joules 
Work done in each beat = 72/72 = 1 joule.
Hope this clarifies your doubt.
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