Sat April 19, 2014 By: Anshika Adlakha

Is molecular movement really important for life survival?If yes,then why?

Expert Reply
Sun April 20, 2014
Molecular movement is nothing but the life at molecular level which includes DNA, RNA and proteins. Without DNA, RNA and proteins, all known forms of life could not exist.
This is because each molecule plays an important role in biology. DNA is an informational macromolecule that encodes the complete set of instructions that are required to assemble, maintain, and reproduce every living organism. 
Proteins are responsible for catalyzing the biochemical reactions that are required to provide food and energy for every organism, and to carry out all of the additional functions of any given organism, for example movement, neural function, vision, or photosynthesis.
RNA is multifunctional, but its primary responsibility is to make proteins, according to the instructions encoded within a cell’s DNA.
The simple summary is that DNA makes RNA and RNA makes proteins.
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