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in which of the following atp molecules are most- kreb's cycle or etc. why?giving reason?

Expert Reply
Tue June 03, 2008
  1. For each turn of the Krebs cycle, 1 molecule of ATP is formed directly.
  2. 3 molecules of NADH are formed during one turn of the Krebs cycle, resulting in the production of 9 ATP molecules through the electron transport chain.
  3. 1 molecule of FADH2 is formed for each turn of the Krebs cycle, providing the energy for the synthesis of 2 ATP molecules.
  4. The Krebs cycle occurs twice for each glucose molecule which enters glycolysis, so the total number of ATP formed through the Krebs cycle is 24.
  5. The total number of ATP molecules formed from the breakdown of one glucose molecule is 38.
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